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LittleBitsDesigns USA is proud to be one of the leading sublimation printers in Queensland. With our state of the art Mimaki printers and Monti Antonio industrial presses, we can assure you that your sublimated products are of the highest quality.

Sublimation printing (or otherwise known as heat transfer or dye sublimation) is a printing technique that uses heat to transfer dye onto a range of products and garments. In dye sublimation printing, the ink is heated into a gas, then diffused and solidified into the chosen medium. As a result, sublimation printing is known as one of the most durable printing techniques, ensuring colour will never fade, wash out or tarnish.

Testimonials that inspire us

Naomi, Wells

Thank you very much, I received the product I bought with very good quality, original, and in the time required, the way to buy was excellent and without any problem and easy, I think it is a very serious store and beforehand I will continue to buy with you thanks .

Lori, Smith

I was looking for a product of a special brand but it was not in the catalog. I asked and they treated me giving me very good options and I received my order on time thanks

James, Lowisk

Grateful, excellent product and quality. Recommended at 100.

I was pleased by the attention and would make another purchase of another product in this same site

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